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The Rear End of Wild Life Collection

I am always looking at unique ways that I can represent the #beautiful animal kingdom in my drawings, and a do love a #fun, #quirky and sometimes tongue in cheek title.

The idea for this collection came to me while having a conversation with one of my fellow animal artists and friend Laura Gibbons. We were discussing about how hard it is to get good reference photographs of animals to use for our work, and how we always seem to end up with the #animals’ rear end. So, I thought 'Hey why should those photographs go to waste, I create a collection of work from them' and the Rear End of Wildlife collection was born.

I had done a similar drawing a couple of years back called Lunch Time. I loved the fact that people would always take a second look at this piece of art work, and usually break out into a smile. I once had a gentleman who came back to my stall at a local craft fair to buy a 'Lunch Time' greeting card. He said that he just had to have it to send to his sister in America as he knew it would make her #smile. That made my day, as I love the thought that my #artwork is bringing a smile to people’s faces across the world.

The first #drawing in this collection is 'Does my bum look big?' It was a challenge to create, but I mean who doesn't love a beautifully stripy bottom? This piece of art work is available and looking for a home, after being on display at a local exhibition. If you think you would like to share your home with him, then please feel free to get in touch.

The next drawing in the collection is 'The Watcher' which will be on display at this year’s #Associationofanimalartists spring exhibition at #CastleParkArtCentre. I love this group of spotty guys, and hope that they get a lot of love at the exhibition

So that's all I have so far in this collection, as I work on this alongside my Pet Portraits commissions. There is another piece currently in the making called 'Family' but this is a work in process and it quite a large picture at around 59x84 cm on Bristol Board, so it might be a while before it is completed. I'm aiming to have it finished so it can be included in the Association of Animal Artist autumn exhibition. Wish me look!!!

You can always join me in my creative progress by following me on my social media pages Created by Claire Crawford - Home | Facebook Created by Claire Crawford (@createdbyclairecrawford) • Instagram photos and videos

Until next time, stay safe folks and I'll see you all again soon.


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