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Animal Art, Animal Artist, Claire Crawford

Claire is an animal and pet portrait artist currently based in Preston, Lancashire in the UK.

 Having known that she has always had a talent to bring a smile to people’s faces, Claire sets out to achieve this by using her trusty pencils, to capture the animals we live amongst in their own unique drawings. Having always felt a deep connection with animals her whole life, she hopes that by showing the playful, or sensitive side to these beautiful beings, people will find that connection too.

‘If I can create a connection between the viewer and the animal within the drawing, maybe that will spark compassion and in turn a deeper understanding of the amazing animals around us’

Her love of the humble graphite pencil is evident, as she sees them as old friends. Together they work on capturing the tonal qualities, and intricate details of her chosen subjects. Having been told at school that she would never find success with graphite pencil; her mission has been to show the world that pencil drawings can make beautiful additions to any home décor.

Claire adores her role as a pet portrait artist. It provides her with the opportunity to see so many beautiful pets, and hear their amazing stories. Providing regular updates on a portraits progress, means she gets to learn all about the love, and companionship between the pet and their owner, and each new portrait comes with a new tail (Pun intended).

​If you would like more information on commissions, or about Claire’s work please feel free to get in touch. 

I want to show the world that graphite pencil is a beautiful medium, which can be both sensitive and powerful.  I also want to create original artwork that highlights the unique characters and personality's of the animals around us. 


Information on events, or exhibitions can be found on my events page. 


"For as long as I can remember I have always had a passion for art."

- Claire Crawford

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