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I am a graphite pencil artist offering original drawings, prints, greeting cards and other gift items all supporting the image of the animals that you know and love.


I am a true lover of all creatures great and small, and everything about them sparks my interest and inspires me. Whether this is the texture of their fur, feathers or scales, to the way they move or interact with the environment around them.  I love that each animal has its own unique personality from a cheeky Terrier, to the sweet and gentle nature of a Shire horse. I work hard to capture this within my work, and love that my drawings celebrate their uniqueness.


​The best thing about being an animal and pet portrait artist is not only do get the opportunity to see so many beautiful pets, but I also get to hear some amazing stories. I learn all about the love, and companionship these amazing animals bring to their owners. Each new portrait comes with a new tail (No pun intended). I also get a chance to study wild animals, and like to create drawings that give people the opportunity to see them through my eyes.

If you would like more information on commissions, or about me and my work please feel free to contact me. 

I want to show the world that graphite pencil is a beautiful medium, which can be both sensitive and powerful.  I also want to create original artwork that highlights the unique characters and personality's of the animals around us. 


Information on events, or exhibitions can be found on my events page. 


"For as long as I can remember I have always had a passion for art."

- Claire Crawford