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2021 Here I come

2020 was such a strange year, it started off like any other and then descended into madness shortly afterwards. Plans were cancelled, and isolation set in as restrictions stopped us seeing our family and friends.

However for me it was a year of reflection. I was working full time as an accounts supervisor for a lovely company, and doing my drawing in the evenings and at weekends. I was consistently on the go, and exhausted. I knew something had to give before I did, so when voluntary redundancy came up at work I decided to take the leap and apply. I wont lie to you all I panicked when it was excepted, but I knew in my heart it was the right decision. I left my job and moved from Cheshire to Preston to be with my partner. It was a total life overhaul, but one that was well overdue.

I am now living my dream life. I work part time as an accounts administrator and on my days off I work on my art business, whether this is working on a drawing, updating my Etsy shop or adding things like a blog to my website. I love the fact that finally I have time to work through my massive To Do list, and rather then feeling anxious with no time to relax, I feel a sense of achievement as I settle down with my partner at the end of the day.

I am super excited about where my art journey will take me next, and even more so now that I can now share it with you guys.

Love to you all


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