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Today I am super excited. Not only is it Spring and the days are getting warmer, but its also the time of year for the Association of Animal Artists Spring Exhibition at Castle Park Arts Centre in Frodsham, Cheshire.

Being an Artist can be quite a lonely profession especially if you are working from home, so being part of an Association or Art group is very important to me. Exhibitions offer a chance to meet up with other creatives to not only offer and receive support, but also exchange techniques and new ideas. It’s also exciting to see what other Artists have been working on, and I am always blown away by the verity of medium, and styles on display. Usually we would take this opportunity, to have a good old get together, to enjoy a meal or a trip to a local animal sanctuary. Covid has meant that for the last 12 months this hasn’t happened and I have really missed it, then again, I think we have all missed the face-to-face human contact, haven’t we? Hopefully we are now turning a corner, and I am so looking forward to giving my family a years’ worth of hugs.

Last year a lot exhibition’s where cancelled or forced on line, so it’s exciting that this year’s Spring exhibition gets a chance to be a physical one. There are still strict restrictions in place to ensure the safety of everyone involved, and these will also apply to anyone visiting the exhibition. However, you can’t beat being able to physically stand in front of a piece of work, and see the brush or pencil marks lovingly applied to create a beautiful piece of art. I am very proud of myself this time as I have actually managed to submitted 4 pieces of work to this year’s exhibition. In the past it was a struggle what with time restrictions, and commissioned work which always takes priority. I am very grateful that my new life style now offers me the ability to do more exhibition work, as well as play and experiment more.

Bunny Bunch (Graphite pencil on paper)

Lazy Days (Graphite pencil on paper)

The Watcher (Graphite pencil on paper)

Flapping and Splashing (Acrylic paint on canvas)

The association of animal artists always puts on a fantastic display of work, as the work submitted is of the highest stranded. Plus, there never fails to be a verity of different styles, medium and prices to appeal to a wide range of Animal lovers. With us all concentrating on our homes it’s a perfect time to pick up a unique and original piece of artwork to complete that newly decorated room. So, if you are in the area then why not pop along and take a look to see what is on offer, I am sure that you won’t be disappointed. As for me, well I’m back to doing commissions, as well as starting to work on the next pieces of art ready for the Autumn exhibition in Richmond, Yorkshire. I am hoping that by then we will be able to meet up again, so I can catch up with this group of amazing artists fact to face.

Until next time, stay safe


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