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Why I love Pet Portraits

It is no secret that I love drawing animals, but there is something extra special about drawing a Pet Portrait. Not only is it an absolute honour to be asked to draw someone’s furry, feathery or scaly best friend, but I also get to learn about the special bond that an owner and their pet have. It’s a bond that I know well. We lost our beautiful family dog Sandy over 20 years ago, and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss her. I mean don’t get me wrong she was no angel, in fact she was a complete nightmare and had us pulling our hair out on many an occasion. However, she loved nothing more than cuddling up with you on the sofa, and she made me laugh so many times usually due to the mischief that she had got herself into.

Getting out and about doing craft fairs means I get to chat to so many fellow animal lovers. I love that people stop to talk to me, eagerly fishing their phones from pockets or handbags just so they can show me pictures of their special best friend. I watch as their faces lights up, just because they are talking about their precious pet. Commissions are great because I get a double whammy of excitement, not only do I get to see some amazing photographs of a person’s pet, but I also get to learn about the companionship that an owner and their pet share.

I’ve heard so many stories about how a pet has offered comfort during difficult times, and of pets and their owners being reunited after being separated years earlier. Sometimes it’s just about the years of joy that a Pet has brought to an owner’s life. I’d be a liar if I said that I have never shed a tear, when reading some of these stories because each one is remarkable and heart-warming in its own right. So, this is why I have a love affair with Pet Portraits, because for just a short time I get to share the amazing bond between a special person and their equally special pet.

You can learn a more about me, or view some of my Pet Portraits by visiting the Commissions tab on my website.

Till next time, take care of yourselves and those special irreplaceable pets.

Love to you all


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